Monday, 5 July 2010

Well, I set this blog up about a year ago and have let it lie fallow. I have in fact been scratching various parts of my body, wondering where to begin. Writers are not necessarily the chattiest people and indeed I am of the shy, retiring sort. This is why I came to live in Brazil. Beginning tomorrow, I shall start to lecture here on the art and science of dressing as well as much more on town and country living, for those who have not decided (as I have) to emigrate and return to near a state of nature, even though not entirely nude. For those who are interested in such things, I shall also, from time to time, include snippets of information about life in this Sleepy Hollow, situated fifty miles over the mountains to the north east of Rio de Janeiro, in the Region of the Lakes. However, no one should expect regularity of entries or consistency (even usefulness) of approach but we will have some fun. It is probably going to be an advert-free zone simply because I just cannot work out how to monetise the site. I have never been any good at monetising, and there is altogether probably too much of it about, anyway.

So watch this space.

Thanks to Desmond Morris for the inspiration for the title.


  1. Dear Nicholas!

    Great to see you writing a blog - I look forward to many more posts of you!

    Regards, Raphael - Gentleman's Gazette

  2. Hhello Rapheal! Thank you very much. I have just found your excellent site and linked to it.

  3. Hello Raphael, I meant to say!