Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cover Design For Book 2

I have just received the cover design for Book 2 and it is much more interesting than Book 1. Browsers who wonder about the cartoon of the fight will have to look inside! As before, although some history is included, in this book, it is really a guide to what's what for Men About Town and it also covers more than just watches, colognes, cufflinks etc., and, amongst several other things, goes into: tobacco of all kinds, drinks, matching food and drink; sweets (candies) and chocolate; teas and coffees and even has a couple of whimsical chapters too. So there is no point in complaining about the title this time. The fact of the matter is that my publisher is a history publisher and that is why the main titles have 'history' in them; they have kindly given me much freedom in the subject matter and allowed me to cover things that the modern puritans frown upon, so the main titles are a small price to pay.

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