Wednesday, 7 July 2010

History of the dinner jacket-Tuxedo

Recently, on the excellent site, asuitablewardrobe, by invitation, I published a short piece on the history of the dinner jacket-Tuxedo. Quite a bit more of the story has emerged since then and my publishers have indulged me to the extent of amending the first proofs of my next book to include the extra material. Meanwhile, here (left) is a Spy cartoon of the Lord Dupplin (nicknamed 'Duppy'), in morning dress, who probably introduced the then Prince of Wales ('Bertie') to the notion of wearing a dinner jacket to informal events at which ladies were present, and at most events, involving Bertie and Duppy, ladies were very often present. By a nice little coincidence, Duppy seems to have favoured orchids in his buttonhole; as did Nubar Gulbenkian (right), a twentieth century Armenian oil tycoon, who was said, as part of his daily routine, to wear out: three stockbrokers, three horses and three women.

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