Wednesday 4 August 2010

Norwich Porridge and Lady Diana Cooper

I just found this wonderful picture of Duff and Diana Cooper in full fig, probably as British Ambassador and Ambassadress in Paris, just after the Second World War. It certainly reminds me of the great pleasure to be found in guiding a beautiful, graceful woman around the floor in a closed dance, such as a slow Walz or bossa nova. A character in the film Shall We Dance (mentioned earlier) announces at one point: "And football sucks". In truth, the only men who would vehemently disagree with this statement are those who have tried only football and fallen for the idiotic line (put about by the merely clumsy) that real men don't dance.

The title of this post entry derives from the fact that, when Duff Cooper was created Viscount Norwich, his wife elected (as she was entitled), to retain her courtesy title as the daughter of a Duke, on the basis that she could not possibly be Lady Norwich, as 'Norwich' rhymes with 'porridge'.

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