Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wearing Softer Hats

If one is wearing a soft hat, whether a soft, felt or a panama, there are different ways of wearing them. The post of Charles Boyer on 15th August shows him in a high fedora style and there is only one way to wear this - as he does it with the front of the brim snapped down. However, the first picture here shows him wearing a smaller trilby style and he wears it, to some effect, with the brim up all round. On the other hand, Jack Buchanan, in the second picture (in a still from the film The Bandwagon), used to bring down the front brim on this style.

One other way to wear a low but broad-brimmed, soft hat is to bring the back of the brim down as I demonstrate, with my own panama hat, in the entry on 5th July 2010.

Yet another way (and this applies more to narrower-brimmed soft, felt and tweed hats), is to wear it with the whole brim turned down.

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