Monday, 23 August 2010

Of Tribal Feeling and Fish and Chips

I am sure that those of us who can confidently claim to be largely descended from the ancient British people and have less of the Viking, the Norman, the Anglo-Saxon about us, share a deeper tribal feeling than the rest of the modern British people. This is, probably, why Cornwall has (apart from a couple of risings for good cause and the piracy that I have mentioned before), been loyal to her kings and why Pendennis Castle was the last royalist stronghold to surrender in the Civil War. When I lived at Tresillian Bridge near Truro for a while, I often used to go to The Wheel Inn for something to eat with a fine pint of Bass. It was here that the Civil War peace was signed and there is a stone monument to that effect in a nearby meadow.

The landlord's wife used to go to the fish market on Friday mornings and buy fresh cod to make each Friday's fish and chips and mushy peas: delicious. I suppose that this abiding tradition of fish on Fridays (which is observed all over Britain, if you notice),is a Roman Catholic tradition that survived the Reformation of the Church.

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