Friday, 27 August 2010

Other Bond Actors

Someone just mentioned to me George Lazenby (in the film of OHMSS) and the recent incarnation through Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

First of all, I think it a pity that Fleming did not make OHMSS the very final book, to be the very final film but, with a different ending; one in which Bond and Tracy head off for an early retirement, splitting their time between Switzerland and Jamaica and racing each other from London to Cannes. But that might have been too simple. However, Lazenby, with little in the way of acting experience, did make a good job of the actual story, helped along by Diana Rigg. So far as Craig is concerned: his casting was not met with universal approval because, arguably, he does not really look the part. But Craig is a fine actor and he took the box office for a Bond film to a new high. Casino Royale was at least supported by an actual Fleming book, whereas Quantum of Solace was not and, to my mind, it shows. However, there are some weaknesses in Casino Royale: Vesper produces a 'tailor-made' dinner jacket for Bond that Bond knows nothing about and then Bond's incapacitating intake of vast quantities of alcohol and a lethal drug, a near-death experience, followed by a car chase, are hardly credible. Nevertheless, the last two films have been commercial successes and have attracted critical praise; so who am I to say that Craig is not my favourite Bond; even if he isn't. He is, though, the Bond of the age.

The still picture is of George Lazenby and Diana Rigg in OHMSS.

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