Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Boxer Style

The boxer, Chris Eubank, always strikes me as a man who dresses as he chooses, with a touch of flamboyance, but generally keeping within certain traditional boundaries, and carries it off very well, rather after the manner of boxing stars of yore.

Mind you, plainly, anyone who mocked him might be in for a big surprise...


  1. Someone needs to teach him how to tie his tie. Knot is way too big......HGB

  2. Probably, the tie is just too big and the shirt collar too - but - unlike many modern celebrities, he's having a crack at it all: taking some pleasure and pride in his own style. Whether we'd adopt it all is another matter but I'd rather be a Chris Eubank, choosing his own bespoke clothes, than be one of the many others having their 'tasteful' wives, chavs, significant others, imposing their ideas.