Saturday, 26 March 2022

Podcast, hosted by Mimi Novic

 Mimi Novic ( kindly invited me to do a podcast, which is here:

Mimi also really inspired me to get posting here again!

Friday, 25 March 2022

Elis Regina's performances have long beguiled my senses. The internet does not bring us scent, but performances, such as this, get as close as possible. Her living scent reaches out, from beyond her early grave. If those whom the gods love die young, she was surely one of them.

After the seeming end of the song, and at the beginning of the applause, the drums beat back in, and she goes on, giving them more, very naturally; to a perfect ending. No wonder that she was her nation's darling, and that they filled the streets for her funeral. Brazilians call her 'Furação' - 'Hurricane'.

Thanks to live recordings, she beguiles our senses forever.

Very rough translation of the lyrics:

Two Steps Here, Two Steps There.

With a chill in my soul,

I asked you to dance,

Your voice was soothing;

Two steps here, two steps there.


My treacherous heart

Was pounding more than the bongo drums,

Shivering more than the maracas,

Skipping beats with love.


My head was spinning,

Making turns more than any couple on the dance floor,

Oh your sweet perfume of gardenias

Just don't ask me to tell any more of it...


Your hand landing on my neck,

The smoothness of your back,

Which haunted as a phantasy,

My lonely nights for so long.


A fake diamond ring on my finger,

A pair of earrings matching the necklace,

And the end of an annoying Band-Aid,

Hurting one of my heels.


Now here I am, lonely, making myself drunk,

With a mix of whisky and Guaraná soda,

I just heard your voice, gently whispering:

'Two steps here, two steps there'.

In total abandonment, you left the illusion,

That I had in my heart for you.