Friday 30 December 2022


 Happy New Year, A.D. 2023. It is as well to wish it. 

Not everyone will agree with me on the following.

I really don't care.

We thought that the Puritans were subdued when Oliver Cromwell's warty head was paraded on a pike yet, like a biblical plague of locusts, they are back in swarms, and want to cancel Christmas Yet To Come: 'to save the planet' Tuna Grimberg-style.

We also thought that Communism was a failing experiment, confined to certain, defined corners of the world. However, like a sudden, vast army of red ants, quasi-Communists are adapting into functionaries of the unelected, autocratic, subversive World Economic Forum's new model army, for the One World Order: blending 'population control' with totalitarianism, and feudalism. 

We lost our truly iconic Queen, and we now have an irritable, self-centred, lacklustre head of a highly dysfunctional remaining family, unfilling her place. Having spent decades at once protesting that he has no political function, he was also enthusiastically conspiring, hand in glove with the WEF, to bring its undemocratic totalitarian agenda to fruition, under the beard of 'environmentalism'. 

I doubt whether The Old Pretence will be with the rest of us in 'owning nosink und being heppy', according to Big Brother Schweizer Schwab. What do you think? Moreover, this particular 'environmentalism' does not seem to be aimed at the companies laying horrific, obvious physical waste to the land, the rainforests, and the oceans. It is all concerned with imprecise twaddle about 'global warming' or 'climate change' of our (dying) planet, as part of its 4.5 billion year history.

The Neo-Communists are  mobilising - the likes of the WEF; the Hungarian Nazi; Bubba G and, with their bent robots, already, quite openly, subverting the real will of the people. Whether they will sweep throughout South America, and lay it to the same waste as Cuba and Venezuela, or just buy it all, remains to be seen. With the help of the UN, and Communist judges, springing Lula from his lengthy gaol term for massive corruption, summarily expunging his record, and refusing to allow a constitutional audit of the recent election, they are making real headway in Brazil; as they made serious headway in total control everywhere with 'the pandemic', and their pharmaceutical poisons, and as they are right now inching out digital currency, economic and social control, Chinese-style digital identity, social points, and '15 mile cities', as well as teaching Gen Z to become terrorised, culture-cancelling vandals, ignorami, and even bigger slaves than the millions already mercilessly exploited on the 'minimum wage'; soon to be earning much less than enough to pay basic bills; while vast, rootless, untaxed corporations swell their profits to record levels, and smirk in their offshore shadows.

None of our national situation is helped by an apparently arranged and paid for (even encouraged) long-haul migration of tens of thousands of paperless, alien immigrants to our shores by irregular routes; nor by the lamentable fact that we have not just The Sugar Plum Fairy as captain of our football team, but we have its siblings leading all the opposition parties - all as equally sold-out to the WEF as the thumping, thick-skinned, narcisistic snob, who is the unelected, unmandated Prime Minister which we had thrust upon us, once the WEF declined to accept party members' due election of Ms Truss.  

Our apparently undenied vetoing of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, in the tragedy there, and our pandering to the diktats of the US Deep State, openly interfering in the region, in a plan arranged with their planted President Zelensky, and relayed through an obviously senile marionette, are an utter and complete disgrace to our nation. It sounds like the ultimate bathos but what we really need is a leader, like the one played by Hugh Grant, in Love Actually, who will tell the US Deep State, and Sleepy Joe, and the WEF to sling their hooks.

Many people seem to be as glad to see the back of 2022, as they were of 2021. Whether 2023 will be any better, or much, much worse depends upon US ALL WAKING UP TO WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT UNDER OUR VERY NOSES.

Accordingly: Happy New Year - and 'God Bless Us Every One'.

I have attached this to a recording of the ending of the 1812 Overture, by Tchaikovsky; for two reasons: first, because the inclusion of the cannons and the bells is uplifting and, secondly, because the warmongering, whimpering, snivelling, self-pitying, oleaginous, thespian, jetting, international tramp, and scrounger, Zelensky, has been trying to persuade countries not to play Tchaikovsky - just because he was Russian.

Friday 8 April 2022


 'We are not sure of sorrow,

And joy was never sure;

To-day will die to-morrow;

Time stoops to no man's lure...'

From 'The Garden of Prosperpine', by A. C. Swinburne.

I was thinking of the whole streets of the houses of those whom I have known in this town; from those who were already really very old when I was a small child, up to the more recent death announcements, mainly for members of my parents' generation. There are roll calls of them. It is true that I have been quite far away, for decades, more than I have ever been here. 

However, friends and acquaintances, who date from the beginning of our memory, never really fade much, if at all; even though we have not seen them, or even heard of them, for years on end. Then, when one comes across them again (sometimes, but not always, through social media), there are various reactions. 

Some people behave as though we have always been in touch, or take up where we left off (and it might have been at age 10). However, quite a number are happy to reminisce at a safe distance but, even though we might now live fairly close, fight shy of actually meeting. Sometimes, I feel the same, and I have been wondering why. I have heard it said that remeeting people after a parting is redolent of the resurrection, but I feel that applies most to serendipitous encounters.

There can be a degree of reluctance to engage in a prolonged reunion, and it is not shyness. No, I think that it is because we like to keep our memories intact, and we do not want them disturbed - or even shattered - in their overall integrity, *by what we have all become*.

Wednesday 6 April 2022

The Woodlanders

 Rusty and I went for a woodland walk, and discovered this scented, cream rhodie in bloom. On the way back, for some reason, I asked whether she had met Mr and Mrs 'P' when she was in Brazil. Apparently not. Then I said:

"Mr P was a total wreck: cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes, and had lost most of his teeth - but had kept his hair."

Rusty: "Apart from the cocaine and the hair, that sounds like you."

Saturday 26 March 2022

Podcast, hosted by Mimi Novic

 Mimi Novic ( kindly invited me to do a podcast, which is here:

Mimi also really inspired me to get posting here again!