Tuesday, 13 July 2010

बुक इ Excerpt

Having been asked for a short excerpt from Book I, here are two pages (left click each twice to enlarge them).


  1. “Especially, don’t wear a hat in someone else’s home….They may be worn in the public bar in a tavern – but one should not be there in the first place.” I find that, with the distinction between public bar and lounge eroding, even disappearing, following your edict is no longer practical. I have spent many happy hours propping up the bar in all sorts of establishments. Where else indeed, but in a country pub, would a confirmed urbanite such as I get to wear tweeds or moleskin?
    Frog in Suit

  2. Hello FiS! This is one of those passages in the book where a little pinch of salt is very much needed. The intention was that my pomposity would be self-deflating!

  3. "Wearers of baseball caps in restaurants should be seized by four waiters..." Agreed. Wholeheartedly.