Sunday, 18 July 2010

Cretinous Celebrities and Dunning Designers

It is late and I am tired. But not so tired that I cannot seethe with rage at watching a programme on the TV about one of the new breed of tycoon-gangsters, who buys readymade suits and shoes, from a Continental 'Designer', for up to £15,000 a time! Bearing in mind that you can get a top Savile Row bespoke suit for in the region of £3,000 and a pair of bespoke shoes from one of the great makers for around £2,000, one begins to wonder how some men simultaneously have the ability to make the kind of megabucks that they can blithely throw away on TAT and have absolutely no comprehension of quality goods or how to dispose of their hard-earned cash sensibly. One equally wonders how on earth they retain their vast wealth when there are so many oleaginous charlatans out there, willing and able, to strip them of it.


  1. Do you remember the name of the programme Nicholas?

    Regards, Raphael

  2. No, but it was one of those fatuous programmes about billionaires who used to eat mackerel heads out of bins, as a kid. These programmes show that old dogs don't learn new tricks! They just perform them them in Bond Street!

  3. I think that they have drive and show perseverance but lack in self-awareness. This can be encountered in many walks of life. I for example know many natural scientists and rich businessmen who, although being experts in their fields, fall for the most ridiculous esoteric cults or political ideologies at which anyone with only a marginal knowledge in the humanities, in literature or philosophy can only shake his head. One could see, if one wanted, some form of higher justice in that, namely insofar that good taste and riches seldom coincide and even if they do such allegedly lucky persons will still have other 'defects' still.

    p.s. I like your BLOG and your book (I have just received your second one today), it was very inspirational to me.