Sunday, 18 July 2010

Free Association of Thoughts

I had a conversation yesterday about free association of thoughts, which results in ''streams of consciousness' writings and decided that I could never inflict such stuff on my readers and there are very obvious routes by which one gets from sleeping-in to Carmen Miranda's funeral.... However, as I stayed up until the wee small hours discussing this point, today is a lite-bite (and even liter than usual bite), on here! Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


  1. Oh gosh, I feel rather guilty about your staying up and can now only look forward to the delivery of "normal service" which should never be too normal in my humble opinion. I can't accept the idea of having missed Gringo Louco conducting an orchestra.
    Marcel Basthos

  2. Not at all! And with such good company and such good cigars, I am very content! As for the conducting: I am aiming to conduct The Pasadena Roof Orchestra. Just watch this space.