Friday, 16 July 2010

Conducting an orchestra

This morning I had the rare privilege of conducting the Boston Pops Orchestra in a Henry Mancini arrangement of It's Three O'clock In The Morning I was not sure whether I was quite ready for it yet but it all went off very well and I greatly enjoyed taking the strings way up, just to cascade down in that characteristic Mancini way, as well as bringing out the best of the piano in this slow Waltz classic. My abilities in this regard have been a secret even from my family and my oldest friends. I arrive at the point of sharing it with the world because it is not fair that only the local delivery van driver should know about it; having spent several minutes, staring through the railings at me as I tore at the air with one of Mr Rowney's pencils, mouthing to himself, just as I turned to see him "Gringo louco!" ["Mad Gringo!"].

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