Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Thought For Sunday and a Warning

In a couple of hours many millions of people will settle down to watch the World Cup Final this Sunday afternoon. In the picture, to the left, is a row of nine standing stones, in my mother's native parish of St Columb Major, Cornwall. A little further off is The Fiddler (another stone). The nine stones were once maidens and the Fiddler was well... a fiddler ... and my grandmother told me that they were all turned to stone for dancing and fiddling on a Sunday...and there's another group of petrified revellers in a nearby parish (in the top picture), - frozen (by St Cleer) for playing the ancient Cornish game of hurling on a Sunday and for refusing to attend Church instead. I am sure that the English football team suffered a similar fate during the tournament. This is why they were all rooted to the spot throughout.

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