Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Photographs of The Region of The Lakes

The 'lakes' are in fact gigantic, sea-fed lagoons, of which there are several along this stretch of coast. Here are a few more pictures, which I have been asked to put up here. Starting with the lowest and working up, the first is the town church, on a promontory in the ocean: Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Nazareth, dated 1603.
The next is the view of the sea infront of the house. The beach is unbroken between the rock where the church is (a mile to the east) and Ponta Negra (Black Head Point) over fifteen miles away to the west. The usual high tide mark is forty metres from the garden wall but there is often sea spray swept over the house and this corrodes everything that it touches. The waves here are good enough for the next beach along (Itauna), to host world surfing championships. The third picture is the view of the rooftops and mountains, from the top back verandah. The fourth picture is a view out over the lagoon and the mountains from the church.

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