Thursday, 15 July 2010

Down Tools for Barefoot In The Park

Sky are re-showing one of my favourite films: the 1967 version of Barefoot in The Park "Sharma sharma" and "My teeth feel soft"; "I'd like to die in my own bed"; "I didn't say 'stuffed shirt' but you are very proper and dignified"; "You will stay here and fight to save our marriage"; "I can't make a fist" etc., etc.. If all depressives were simply prescribed this film, I am sure that the world would be a less gloomy place. Not only are Robert Redford and Jane Fonda superb but so too are Charles Boyer and Mildred Natwick. Now it's down tools here to watch this sharply observed, witty, wistful, whimsical and wonderful film!

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  1. I went to dig out my copy and discovered I do not (yet) own it! That will have to be rectified immediately. Far too much fun.