Friday, 1 April 2011

Style Icon XXVI: Lord Snooty of The Beano

I recall a brilliant fellow 'CS', that I worked with for a short time. He has even had a mention in a piece by Michael Bywater in The Independent newspaper in which Bywater castigated the pussy-footing modern age as the age of Soho-Lite; Bywater recalled introducing CS to Guinness and CS's immediate reaction was "Ah! lunch in a bottle!". He was a German (actually he always claimed that he was Prussian) and he had read Chinese at Leeds University; needless to say, his English was better than most natives of Albion. Once, when he was the barrister pupil of 'Mungo' X, a senior member of Chambers came into the room and saw CS reading The Beano comic (which is the vehicle for inter alios Lord Snooty and The Bash Street Kids), and said "Can't your pupil find something better to read than that, Mungo?". CS put down The Beano and picked up his copy of Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire and Mungo said to the senior member of chambers: "I don't suppose that you read that either, do you?"

Anyway, today's style icon is Lord Snooty, of The Beano.

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