Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Macmillan Touch

Here is another way in which to wear your black evening tie (or even a day bow tie, come to that). Harold Macmillan (1894-1986)- 'Supermac' was known to adopt this style. Here the shirt and tie are by Budd.

As promised in my reply to Frog in Suit's comment: A J Balfour (1910)in a day bow tie, worn in this fashion (I did say, above, that it was 'adopted' by Supermac and I did not mean to imply that he originated it):


  1. If I remember correctly (from, I think, a not unsympathetic profile of SuperMac in Le Monde)that was a throwback to Edwardian fashion/practice. Surely, the knowledgeable author of this blog can enlighten us.
    Frog in Suit

  2. Yes, I think that it even goes back to the time when fold-down collars started to be worn. I have put up at the end of the post a Vanity Fair cartoon, dated 1910, of A J Balfour in such a tie and collar.