Friday, 8 April 2011

BMJ Alcohol and Cancer Report

I see that the British Medical Journal has just brought out a report now suggesting that ingesting any amount of alcohol increases the risk of various cancers and, of course, smoking as well makes it even more likely; moreover, as usual we are told that "these deaths could be avoided" - and again we are led to believe that the scientists have found us the elixir for life-everlasting on planet earth. Apart from the obvious scare-mongering in all this, medics that I have known in my life (from University onwards and into maturity) are the worst drunks of the lot; moreover, despite all the stuff that we are fed, I know many medical doctors who still drink like fishes and smoke like engines: I suppose that it is to relieve the stress that they feel in trying to exert all that influence and control over the rest of us. Here are two senior editors of the BMJ, celebrating publication of their report:

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