Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Unbleached White Duck

If you are having summer trousers made, make sure that you insist on unbleached white duck canvass (as in the picture) or off-white flannel. If you go for sheer white, you will end up looking as though you have gone AWOL from abbatoir or laundry employment.

Add a sporting blazer or a double-breasted navy reefer plus a pair of co-respondent shoes (spectators) or white nubuck oxfords (ties and hats as your whimsy takes you) - and you're away!

Summer Chinos are for the RTW and MTM class of Ivy Leaguers (and all the many IL wannabees) - and white jeans are for kids.

1 comment:

  1. To avoid the uninitiated mistaking the unsocialised and fatherless for an 'Applecrombie and Fitch gentleman' may I suggest commissioning a three piece suit in finest quality heavy irish linen with a good 19 1/2" leg. It will take five years to 'break in' but last another twenty.