Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Royal Wedding Protocol

It seems that, for the wedding of Prince William of Wales to The People's Princess (Mark II), the guests are such a Skid Row bunch (well they do include Elton John and the Beckhams), that they need a twenty two page handout on such basic etiquette as holding a teacup and a champagne glass. Presumably, all this flows from the fact that we are going to have a future Queen with friends and family who need this kind of coaching. I have, until this moment, been a monarchist, not least because it has always seemed so much better than the alternative: elections for the likes of the Blairs or the Browns as Presidents and First Ladies. However, now, we are having yet another commoner thrust upon us as Consort to our future Head of State, without even a vote and this does seem to me to be beyond the limit; just as it is beyond the limit that members of the 'House of Lords' are now not born to it, or elected, but just appointed as generous cronies of the government of the day, in a country which goes around the Arab world teaching the merits of 'great western democracy'. What a joke!

It's getting to The Time For a Change, in my view.

The picture is Rab C Nesbitt, who is, no doubt, going to have a bath before he dresses for the reception.


  1. I was about to write something very rude but got tempted by better judgement!! Wot?!

  2. Dear Nicholas, what do you think about this? http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/02/03/will-kate-middletons-parents-profit-from-royal-wedding/

  3. Raphael, I think that you know what I might think!

  4. Moreover, most parents with daughters expect to pay for their weddings; not make a financial profit out of them! It is not very clear whether the decision to avoid an alliance with a real Princess and to go with 'one of the people' was made in order to shore up the stock of the British Royal family with The People, in the wake of the outrageous behaviour of the Princess and the late Princess of Wales; airing their smut, mutual disdain, resentment and bile on national TV. However, I have a sense that some thinking people would say that you either stick to system A (monarchy, with all its privileges, burdens and obligations) or you opt for system B (a republic in which Mr Joe Public can be elected to represent the people as a figurehead). An attempt at hybridization would seem to be a receipt for disaster.