Sunday, 10 April 2011

Anti-Style Icon I

Actually, I suppose that it should be 'II' but I deleted that picture of Shane MacGowan. Here is anti-style icon I Andy Warhol; about whom Gore Vidal said "He's the only genius with an IQ of 60 that I ever met". Still, now some bright spark has given Mr Moron a chromium-plated statue in Union Square. All he ever did was to drive artistic perception of civilization down a notch or two. This is the man; dead-eyed from drugs and filthy dirty in his torn clothes, being commemorated and celebrated (tins of Campbell's chicken soup indeed!):
Of course, it is being commended by The New York Times and one or two who trudge the streets of internet suburbia (Shredder's phrase but not linked to this subject matter).


  1. NJS

    It's very worrying as I can't tell if your picture is of Warhol's statue or Warhol himself?

  2. He did become a virtual auto-icon; waxlike in his torpor.