Friday, 1 April 2011

Speaking My Mind

One person has objected to my recent speaking out against certain modern trends and those who push them for £££$$$. I am fifty one years old and this is a space that I fill. Until I was a certain age, I was told to sit up and shut up (maybe I didn't always do just that - but that was the expectation of my generation from their elders and if we wanted to kick over the traces then we had to justify ourselves). These days youngsters are very fond of sounding off with various ill-considered views on the world and I object to having to listen to it and read about it quite so much. Moreover, when it all becomes too much, I simply leave. There we are, if you don't like my attitudes and points of view, which are reactionary to much in the modern world (and minority attitudes and points of view), then don't come back, and don't buy my books; then you will be free of me because you won't find me around other people's blogs much anymore. But please don't instruct me in what I may think or say. There is far too much representation of minority interest groups in the world today, at the plain expense of the majority, except when it comes to expression of reaction to the way in which the modern world is being dragged by 'reformers'; then we are told not to make a noise, a fuss and not to cause offence by defending our points of view from the avalanching onslaught from the mass market and the knuckle-brains who buy in. What makes this attempt at silencing all the more obnoxious is the fact that it derives from the defence of exploitation and manipulation of a mass market.

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