Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Great Secret: The Big Con. And Some More of Krystyna

Reading more and more about Krystyna Skarbeka - Christine Granville - has brought it thoroughly home to the Naked Ape that, if you really have style, dash and courage, you might as well be dressed in brown paper. Most of the sites out there (with a few certain, self-evident exceptions),as well as the fashionistos and fashionistas, aimed at innovative dressing-up are a Big Con; suggesting to the hundreds of thousands of gullible fellows, with more money than sense, that "You Too Can Buy-In To The Club" and, very often, on the say-so of some kids who have just got out of their shorts and M&S (and equivalent) suits.

They all present a readily acceptable blandishment - to knuckleheads - but hollow and vapid for all that, to anyone of reasonable sense and understanding. You cannot 'buy-in': with this silly shirt 'n' tie combo; with this or that pair of (often execrable) shoes; these (bounder's) socks; that cut, or this; draped, drooped or too-snug-to-breathe.

Forget it.

Nice clothes do say something about us but they do not create us and, for my part, I intend to spend some more time - much, much more time -fishing on the lagoon and enjoying the sun and fresh air.

Are you reading me, World?

Time for many people to wake up and live their lives.

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