Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Someone on a website to which I contribute and who looks in here from time to time suggested that I should invite the provision of freebies in return for write-ups, in what is becoming the established and accepted manner.

As a matter of fact, I always have been open to freebies (who isn't?); anything from colognes to cars (I'd much like a Mulliner Park Ward Bentley SIII, four door Continental (Flying Spur) in British racing green) ; wines and spirits (cases of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne 1996 and Cheval Blanc 1947 are especially welcome); cigars (especially boxes of Cohiba Lanceros and Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigars); pipes and pipe tobacco (especially well-kept vintage tins of Murray's); bespoke and readymade clothing and shoes and hats; accommodation in hotels and apartments around the world and first or club class travel tickets to get there; cruises; meals in restaurants; accessories, such as top of the range watches and antique Fabergé cigarette cases, cufflinks and evening studs, as well as full strength Turkish and Balkan cigarettes and silver cigarette boxes. I would even consider livestock, such as Arabian horses, and Borzoi hounds. Guns would be subject to procedures for their licensed importation, which would be irksome but, overall, worth the effort and I should undertake the paperwork.

It must be understood that the above are just examples and the categories are never closed. I should never be so narrow-minded as to turn anyone away with a genuine and legitimate product or service for 'test-driving'.

In return, I would make a careful assessment of the product or service provided and publish the results here. I do not guarantee an advertorial service as such and, if goods or services rendered were below par, I should say so. However, there we are: open house to you all. Shipping costs must be borne by the supplier and my shipping details would vary according to the nature of the goods to be furnished, as prohibitions and taxes make import into Brazil of certain items impracticable but I should never turn anything away for that reason alone and alternative arrangements would be made.

So! There we are. Let's see what happens.

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