Friday, 6 July 2012

Seven Men Arrested Under Terrorist Legislation

We are told that seven men have been arrested under anti-terrorist legislation. It is made to sound like a triumph; even before any charges, let alone the trial..

The car was stopped for a document check. Instead of being issued with a 'producer' (to bring the documents to a police station within seven days - the usual routine), the car was summarily impounded as the driver could not produce his insurance on the spot. The car was then intimately searched (presumably under anti-terrorist legislation that covers failing to produce insurance) and they found weapons. Therefore, we are assured, the occupants are terrorists. Sounds as though it is at least equally likely that they are just a criminal gang.  They might even be into amateur theatricals and the weapons might be fakes. But the starting point now is that we are all probably terrorists unless and until we can convince Mr Policeman that we are not.

What's with the 'routine' stop 'n' search of a car? Maybe they were at a loose end after their fish 'n' chips. The truth is that the fuzz see black or brown people in a car (Heaven help the occupants if it is a nice car), so they 'routinely' stop it - sounds like the old use of 'sus' laws under the Vagrancy Act, which Mr Policeman often used routinely to stop and search young West Indians in the street: you know, ''Oi, you'' - push them up against a wall and frisk them; then make them turn out their pockets and just hope for a flick knife.

In this case, the fuzz found weapons and, because the occupants are brown, they are automatically 'terrorists'. Step up the police powers a little more and call them the 'SS' and have bloody done with it.

If Hitler had won, how would there be more oppression than there is now? It's almost as though -

''Mr Brown went off to town on the 08.21'' -  but, one day, he just never came home.

Earlier in the week a 'bus driver and all the 'bus occupants freaked out when someone was innocently using an 'electronic cigarette' (whatever that may be - I guess that it is some modern invention borne out of drummed-up, fetishist fear of the demon weed). Why didn't someone have the sense just to ask the man what he was doing? You know - ''Aw right, mate. What's that you got there then? Not a bomb is it Ho, Ho, Ho?'' Instead they all sat there, frozen with unnecessary and manufactured fear, messing their pants like a 'bus load of incontinent rabbits, and then had a rehearsal for Armageddon with stormtroopers.

That made everyone late for work..all those people late for their jobs in the new industry which has sprung up, involving dunderheads listening in to our telephone calls and reading our work out whether we need to be hauled in to prove that we are not terrorists.

Recently it was shown that anti-terrorist legislation was being used for surveillance activities (inter alia) over parents taking their children to local authority schools (to make sure that they were entitled to send them there in the first place) - and even to regulate the clearance of dog mess from the pavements by dog owners! In another instance, a man with a video camera, in his own garden, was stormed by police who demanded to know what he was doing!

What happened to the England that I once knew? The England that had policemen and police women who saluted citizens and helped old ladies to cross the road and kept thugs off the street? There is a lot of prattling on about immigration and there is certainly some truth in the fact that the UK is vastly over-crowded but the biggest problem is not really from immigration at all, the biggest problem is the arch-enemy of Liberty: the climate of fear, which is being inculcated and fed by governments keen to impose more and more control over citizens.

It all began with the growth of white-trash culture and political pandering to the ignorant and the mean and the miserable flaccid under-belly of society, which is where governments rightly see the biggest number of votes. Politicians have come to realize that if you please the gob-smackingly thick-headed white-trash readers of white-trash papers like The Sun and The News of The World, and enact increasingly oppressive legislation accordingly, and encourage fear and hatred of brown people on the basis that they are all terrorists, you'll be voted back.

In fact, I think that it all began with that Sun headline after an IRA attack in London: ''IRISH BASTARDS'' it screamed from news stands everywhere, with a concomitant campaign to boycott Kerrygold Irish butter. One Irish girl I knew was in tears over it. The Irish are not brown but, so far as members of the white-trash under-belly of the modern English are concerned they are the next best thing - and Edmund Burke was wrong: you can condemn a whole nation.

Heil! to Tin-Hitlers everywhere! Just wait now before they impose body-searches and bag and luggage scans for train and 'bus travel. It cannot be long and no one will consider the misery of it first.

England, my England, where did you go?

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