Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter Eggs

I am not sure whether to believe this or not but the UK Parliament is now (apparently seriously) debating whether, from next year, all seasonal confectionaery must be presented in plain packaging, to lessen its attractriveness and avoid over-indulgence. Presumably the purportedly, legitimate aim of a bankrupt government is to lessen the burden on the NHS of the voluntarily obese. But why should the rest of the population be so patronized. Why not, instead enact provision for the election of village committees to round up all the fatties (watch out Cameron and Clarke!), every Saturday afternoon and have them put in the village stocks for a few hours, encouraging all the village yobos to pelt them with rotten eggs and vegetables!


  1. April Fool! Er I hope!

  2. The British Nanny State at its best!

  3. It is probably just a joke. The trouble is that it is actually credible!