Friday, 16 December 2011

The Eccentric Club

The Eccentric Club has been revived in a real way (Patron HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who attends functions) and there is everything that you need to know about it here:

Application for membership is open to all, subject to proposal and seconding and granting membership (domestic and overseas), is up to the club in the usual way. The first point of contact should be the club secretary, Imants von Wenden.

The club has a magazine and stages functions, including dinners at various venues in clubland, while the club finds its own West End premises.

I urge my readers to give consideration to joining the club which is more about valuing individualism than insanity and it also has a charitable objective.


  1. I thought the EC merged with the East India Club. In the bar of the EIC there is an alcove with various EC memorabilia including the backwards clock - and the last chairman of the EC, Derek Thurlow, is the vice chairman of the EIC - and the last secretary of the EC, Keith Goldacre, is the asst secretary.

  2. I think that 'merged' is a euphemism for 'went broke' - owing to mismanagement. The name and the motto are now registered trade marks and The Eccentric is back in its own right. One would hope that the artefacts (including the clock), will eventually be given back! Pass it on!