Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Coats and Ties

I like what Sinatra says about coats and ties and more establishments should cease pandering to the whims of the arrogant and the impolite, who demand to discard their coats and ties in restaurants and theatres and bring gym and rough countrywear into such settings. They should tell them to go elsewhere. The world needs more Frank Sinatras and fewer roughnecks. Something that I have noticed, however, is how well-dressed most footballers and managers are; even in the face of the nearly ubiquitous, post-modernist, stubble-bearded, estuary/slack-voiced slobbishness (most evident in the young Hollywood set); which so many fashionistos and 'style leaders' slyly abet for the sake of popularity and the [i]blunt, dough, wonga, spondoolicks[/i] that it brings them.


  1. I completely agree, it's rare to see a well dressed man nowadays, I had to pull husband up by the scruff of the neck, I used to shudder at his clothes.

    On a sour note, Fortnums have lost my Christmas order and are saying they will give my money back, er I don't think so, Lady Muck wants her game pie and KIng George Christmas pudding - fizzing with seasonal rage!

  2. B&P - I should have thought that there is still time to meet your order and, if they have to send it by special courier, you'd think that they (of all of them) would make the effort. Another problem of modern society is that the customer is never right and never valued. I do recall how good Harrods were a few years ago, when we bought and left behind a couple of Dover sole - they responded by immediately sending their van with the package - not very far, admittedly - but even so.

    I am afraid, though, that Scrooge was probably originally right about Christmas: Bah! Humbug! -very glad to be clear of its commercialism and scrummage!