Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christopher Hitchens

Whether one agreed with his actual opinions or not, the world needed Christopher Hitchens and needs more like him. Once we had the late Robin Day and the late Bernard Levin, Jeremy Paxman is in a similar mould: uncompromising investigators of the truth and fearless exposers of humbug, lies and hypocrisy. Interestingly, Brazil's premier broadsheet, O Globo, featured a half page obituary to Hitchens in yesterday's edition, demonstrating that his characteristics are broadly appreciated and admired.

Come on, Britannia, it's time to get back on the prow of that ship and face the world again. Men such as Hitchens give us hope that she will arise again.


  1. I quite liked him, I didn't necessarily agree with his politics but found him very stimulating and engaging and his quip about Mother Theresa was sheer genius!

  2. His politics and views on the universe are not mine either but he spoke out against blind acceptance of ostensible truths.

  3. I really want to read his new book Mortality, he stared death in the face like The Stoics.