Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Royal Relic

Once, when I was invited to a dinner party, at the end, I asked the hostess exactly what curiosity was framed on one of the walls. She took it down and showed me: it was an enormous monogram in Gold thread on deep velvet: "GR" (it might also have said "IV", I forget) and, on the back of the frame, there was pasted a handwritten dedication to one of the courtiers responsible for arranging the Coronation of George IV. It was nothing less than the principal part of the back of the cape from George IV's Coronation robes.


  1. OOH! La-de-bloody-dah!! Right toff's sight this is. Makes me bloody SICK. GO ON POST THIS COMMENT!!

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  3. I did post your anonymous comment. Bearing in mind that I post compliments, I am happy to publish criticism; not that this comment soars as high as that and, in future, critical comments, which tend towards abusiveness, will need to be from identifiable posters, to be published. Moreover, the material in this blog is free but spelling lessons would be extra.