Sunday, 14 February 2021

An Open Letter to HRH The Prince of Wales


One certainly does not need to be a social historian to realize that the standards of, and restrictions upon, the royal family have lamentably slackened since a king had to give up his throne to marry an American divorcée. However, even with the general ethical decline in public life, the involvement of HRH The Prince of Wales (and any other members of the royal family), in the political and economic forum, known as the World Economic Forum, must still be a totally unacceptable breach of the important convention that, since they are unelected, the royal family must keep right out of all concerns of a political and economic nature.

When I wrote to HRH's private secretary, in September 2006, seeking support, on essentially environmental grounds, to save the old Odeon building in St Austell (before the then SWRDA, Restormel Borough Council, and our own, quite adequate, local busybodies, such as 'Brewer' James Staughton, virtually destroyed our town centre), Sir Michael Peat, by letter, dated 15th September, declined my appeal, with the words: "The problem that HRH always has is how he can intervene in a way that does not cut across the due legal processes and which does not give the impression that he is just being a busybody without any proper locus.". What, one might ask, has changed?

The purported environmental and ecological 'cover' provided by a mixed bag of unelected 'characters', such as Schwab, Gates, Soros, and Thunberg, and various tycoons, and boneheaded 'celebrities', even backed, to some extent, by national treasures, such as Sir David Attenborough, is not enough to empower an also unelected, heir presumptive to the throne to be supporting and propounding what is openly intended to be a (presumably, selective), quasi-socialist, global 'reset', imposed by Diktat of this merry band, with their recondite claims to suzerainty; least of all, side by side with: the heretical, proselytizing, communist Pope; China, and all the other big mouths involved in Herr Schwab's plans for world domination - like an insane, 'wannabe' dictator: in substance, form, appearance, and sound; right out of a second-rate Bond-style novel.

The environmental and ecological disaster, which mankind has been busily generating, actually for about the last 200 years, is an entirely separate issue, for which there is completely axiomatic, potential mitigation, once the simple will is found, within the proper governments of the world, to enact the necessary measures

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