Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hasta la Vista!

Just a quick reflection as Colonel Gadaffi says "Hasta la vista!" and goes the way of Batista: until a few months before he started making his way - well maybe down here, come to think of it - he had been a valued customer of British arms' dealers and (surprise, surprise, folks!) he used the arms to crush the early stages of rebellion against his dictatorship. Now Britain (according to the provincial croak of the man Maggie Thatcher called "Little Willy" Hague), is firmly behind the calls for the Colonel to be tried for crimes against humanity. Maybe, those who sold (or, Little Willy, authorized the sale), to this nutter of these arms should be called to account as accessories; after all, if you knowingly hand a madman an axe, you would normally be held to be responsible for the shambles that follows.

Overall, modern Britain, you make me sicker all the time to think of what you once were.


  1. Agreed.

    The danger is that Britons will see all those third world colonists ('refugees') clogging up the streets, schools, and council orifices in Britain.

    Until, that is, they are driven out. Which will happen, in one way or another.

    Truly, a 'world turned upside down'.

    Never thought I'd see it in my life time.

  2. I am not sure how Britain (certainly in its current economic state) can absorb many more refugees, whether they are genuine or not. It is a question of practicality. Moreover, there is a line somewhere between: encouraging a pluralistic society and watching the suppression and obliteration of a whole way of life - but most people threatened the most are cowed into acquiescence and made to feel that to defend their way of life they would become racially oppressive and beneath contempt. So they just become beneath contempt on account of moral cowardice instead.