Monday, 1 November 2010

Homeward Bound

And so back safely,at what I can describe only as just the other side of midnight as these events do not take place in earth time. However, there was nearly a Galactic Highway pile-up on the Mars Home Straight on the journey home. Tiredness, I suppose, induced a little wandering of the attention by the fellow in front; his broomstick wobbled, he braked too hard and he nearly lost his Familiar. Fortunately, mine was able to reach out and grip her before she fell right off and the situation was saved. We pulled over for a break after that: a cup of tea for me and a saucer of milk for Flash. Unfortunately, I am not permitted to give an account of the proceedings at the venue and, indeed, I received something of a censure, from the most senior member of the coven, for having mentioned the proceedings at all. Still, there we are.

What hat did I wear? The hunting-weight Cambridge, of course.

Flash is in the top picture.


  1. Nice cat but do you really expect us to believe all this. It's just a joke, right?

  2. No joke: there really was nearly an accident and I did wear the Cambridge hat.