Monday, 23 January 2012

Tony Bliar

So where on earth do Bliar's millions come from? How could they possibly derive from just book sales and talking engagements? Maybe it's time for those investigative journalists who hacked into the dead Milly Dowler's telephone to turn the Bliars over and let's see what a nasty little mess we will find. After all, if sometime top politicos in other European countries have been behaving corruptly (for  example, Berlusconi and Chirac), why shouldn't it happen in Britain? The fear is that Bliar took money and oil shares from Bush and his cronies to take the UK to war in the cause of the USA. Maybe Bliar should dispel the supicions by a public accounting of his assets.


  1. Is this what's known as federal subsidy paid out to the 51st state? On another note, it seems that Red Ken might return to the mayor's office. Nice prospect...

  2. Chikashi - I think that it must be. But Teflon Tony seems immune from investigation: and 8 million in company administration costs? I do hope that they nail him eventually: accepting political bribes; war crimes and tax fraud.