Monday, 2 January 2012

Practical Resolutions

My resistance against temptation is a breached wall; a crumbling bastion; a deserted trench.

Besides, I like smoking. However, readily available, truly great cigarettes (such as Sullivan Powell; B&H Cairo) have gone forever and nothing will bring them back. The cigarettes here are either so strong that they induce a coughing fit or so weak that you smoke twenty in a row and look at the empty packet, wondering what that was all about, and so last night I made a practical resolution: I shall keep to a pipe; cigars and snuff from now on (on New Year's Eve I did try a pinch of an American guest's  snus, which did nothing at all for me and, frankly, I just don't see myself taking it up). The trick will be to avoid inhaling too much of the stronger smoke because anyone who has ever blown pipe of cigar smoke through a white hankerchief will tell you that inhaling it too much is not a great idea and simply defending smokers' rights is no reason to follow John Ford, Ava Gardner and Tallulah Bankhead to the need for an oxygen concentrator.


  1. Ah is that what that white contraption is? I do love the smell of cigars and a fly puff every so often. I'm just sick of rich food just now, oh and the rain I'm really sick of that too - gloat away beach bum!

  2. B&P - You have changed your name, I see. As a matter of fact, the weather here has been very wet over New Year and our friends from Rio forced themselves to go on the beach! However, they helped me in my resolution by bringing some RyJs!