Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro

The trip to Rio was with some friends who had to go to the Ilha do Governador in theharbour (illustrated). About half of the island is given over to the international airport and the military and the rest is a beautiful harbourside conurbation of about 600,000 people. Every famous and fantastic view of Rio is to be had from here; including the Sugarloaf and the statue of Christ. The friends introduced us to some very nice people who took us on a little trip around the best sightseeing spots, which happened to be the sites of churches. As we left the second, to return to the Sleepy Hollow, the people to whom we had been introduced gave us a little rosary from the second church as a souvenir of our day and our meeting them. Our hostess (if I may call her that) had spent 50 years living in the USA and told us that, if such a gift were made there, the "Happy Holidays' Brigade" would get very upset, as religious allusions, even to the extent of wishing someone a "Happy Christmas" may well cause offence.

I am glad to say that we are able to understand the spirit in which the gift was given and apprciate it very much.


  1. I flipping hate that " Happy Holidays " phrase.
    What a lovely trip, I would love to get out that way but I'm old now and quite like my pipe and slippers. But still I would love to learn how to tango.

  2. Everyone always says that Brazil is too far but it isn't really! There used to be an excellent dance school in Blandford Street but I never got beyond the basic steps and turns with anything!