Saturday, 7 January 2012

Of Cravats and Daytime Bow Ties

Some people think that there is something faintly ridiculous about cravats [US:'Ascots'] and daytime bow ties; maybe, they think that they are dated or clownish. I would agree that they can strike a discordant note but that is often down to the way in which they are worn, rather than anything else. Here are a couple of examples of these items being worn well. First, the actor Leslie Philips in a cravat:

And Ian Fleming in a daytime bow tie:

However, there is no point in shrinking violets wearing these things: self-consciousness will blow them out of the water at twenty paces.


  1. I'm wearing a cravat as I type. Hopefully chanelling the spirit of Leslie Philips...

  2. BPP - excellent. David Saxby carries an excellent line of cravats and I wish that I had a few more for the few chillier days out here.

  3. I know of Mr Saxby, but unfortunately don't currently have the wherewithal to afford his excellent wares. I tend to get my cravats from Tom Sawyer (not the Mark Twain character, I hasten to add!) -

  4. BPP -Thanks for the link. They look very good and they also have a wide selection.