Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Julian Fellowes and A N Wilson

I have just read a piece by A N Wilson in which he lays in to Julian Fellowes - sorry Baron Fellowes of West Stafford - because Wilson says, Fellowes is a snob, who repeatedly presents an England that never was for the delectation of the groundlings. But let's face it, A N, even Shakespeare was weaving phantasy into drama and comedy to please the crowd. I have read only parts of Fellowes' Past Imperfect and I found it very amusing. I was also relieved to read the work of a modern writer which echoes my own feelings about 'the way things are going' and 'the state of the nation'. I daresay that Fellowes is a snob - he even seems proud to be one - and I expect that the version of Ye Olde England that he presents in Gosford Park and Downton Abbey is far from a 'warts and all' account - but he is not, A N, a humourless, crashing bore.

Today's picture is of the po-faced A N Wilson.


  1. I'm fond of both, each in his own way what.

  2. One of my favourite quotes of all time is by AN Wilson, i carry it around in purse, forgive I'm too lazy to go fetch it, you'll just have to trust me.

  3. B&P - Well what is the quote? It can't be that memorable then!