Sunday, 25 September 2011

Douglas Fairbanks Junior's Wardrobe

Will, on a his site: suitable wardrobe (see sidebar), today referred to the fact that Douglas Fairbanks Junior's wardrobe was recently auctioned off and that it was the last, great, complete, formal, man's wardrobe ever formed. This is, almost certainly, true. Cary Grant's stuff was largely given away to friends, by his young widow and his daughter - and fair enough.

But that was some time ago, and the world might have benefitted from DGJ's wardrobe: extensive and complete, being given to, say, the Met. Museum, as a record - or, at least, representative pieces might have been given. I cannot believe that Fairbanks' heirs could really have needed the cash.

It's all a demned shockin' shame.

To reprise Terry-Thomas: "You're an absolute shower!"


  1. Terry-Thomas was quite the dandy himself. Made-to measure underwear apparently.

    Those sort of wardrobes would probably end up in the Victotia & Albert museum rather than being worn.