Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hunters & Frankau Cigar Club

Hunters & Frankau are the sole importers and distributors of Havana cigars in the UK and they have a cigar club which has a link on their site in my site's sidebar. They are organizing resistance to further erosion of smokers' liberties and I urge my gentle readers (and that means both of you), to sign-up. It strikes me as ironic that, if the ban on advertizing tobacco gets the green light from Cameron and his muppets, the (openly tolerated) ganja street traders of Brixton will soon have greater freedom to go about their business than Dunhill, Davidoff, G Smith & Sons et al..

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  1. Right, time to get puffing! Five or six years ago I started my own one-chap cigar club and the neighbours complained.