Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Morning Togs

At last I have a full length shot of me (on the right hand side) in morning togs; however it was taken twenty four years ago when I was best man at a friend's wedding. These days, I'd substitute galosh-topped shoes for the spats but the rest would remain the same. Unfortunately, the cutter (Bill Matthews) of Davies & Son who made the coat, trousers and vest is long retired but there are still others who could just about match him. The hat ('Extra Quality') was renovated by Herbert Johnson (when that was still a separate business) and when they relined it they found the date: 1903. Looking at the picture also reminds me that, in the second edition of Book I (along with a few other additions and amendments), I should mention that formal morning and evening trousers ought to have, as Bill Matthews put it to me: "a whisper of a break, sir". Left click to enlarge slightly.

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