Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Another of Winston Churchill's Meals

A Suitable Wardrobe (link in the right-hand column) today describes Churchill's two tray breakfast on a flight to the USA. It seems a little on the 'lite' side to me: I'd have expected a full fry-up, with nothing specified as 'small' and then the whisky and the cigar. He was famed for quaffing Champagne (Pol Roger), with nearly every meal, but I do recall another story about him eating a steak and kidney pudding with a spoon, accompanied by a glass of brandy; mouthfulls punctuated with puffs on a cigar. Anyway, whether the breakfast was slightly 'lite' or not, his were not the sort of meals that modern health freaks would approve and I raise three cheers:
Hip, hip!
Hip, hip, hip!
A Suitable Wardrobe mentions a fascinating book, from which the menu description derives.

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