Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Future of Covering The Naked Ape

Someone who is very knowledgeable about men's dress and has a website (no names, no pack-drill), has recently turned a volte face; a flip-flop; a U turn, on everything that I had thought that he held true for several years, and, all guns blasting, has boldly stated three preposterous propositions, with which I profoundly disagree (and I have told him so, in no uncertain terms).

The first proposition is that the lounge suit (which has been with us for coming on for one hundred and fifty years) is falling into desuetude and going the way of the frock coat. The second is that, in the light of this, bespoke tailoring needs to take a leaf out of the book of insane examples of the 'fast-forward fashionistos', doing their 'silly walks' on the Ready-To-Wear catwalks. The third is that lauding air-headed 'celebrities', such as the Beckhams, is the way to teach the younger generation about style.

If you have been following this blog for any reasonable time, you will know my thoughts on these subjects - and my dislike of the Beckhams is not based on an unthinking snobbery: Cheryl Cole is hardly out of the 'top drawer' but she is an attractive, pleasant and friendly girl, who smiles (even, sometimes, through the tears), and the fact that she is seen as a style icon for youngsters does not bother me at all; whereas Mrs Beckham looks as though if she smiled she'd disturb all the implants and add-ons and run the serious risk of implosion (which might just make a nasty noise) but, if it went the other way, and she actually exploded, there might be a serious risk of injury to celeb-spotters. Mind you, who would really care?

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