Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fleet Street Softies

What has happened to the Fleet Street Editors - have they gone soft? Why haven't they en masse taken the issue of these 'super-injunctions' to appeal - and all the way, if necessary. I am not so concerned about footballers' antics; after all, what does the world expect? However, I am surprised that they are so touchy about being 'exposed'. Chaps like Andrew Marr are in a different category though: he is an investigative journalist, at the top of the tree, whose life is spent in publicly shedding light on the personal lives and traits of others in public life. So what do we say when he skulks behind a super-injunction, to 'protect his family'? Well, we shout HYPOCRITE! and RESIGN! and suggest that he should have thought about the consequences before banging his colleague.

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