Saturday, 4 December 2010


I have not been following the disclosures very closely but they appear to me largely to comprise candid exchanges of views between politicians and diplomats who are all on one side about politicians and diplomats on another side. It would be impossible for government to work if there were not a realm of communications such as these that are generally kept confidential. Moreover, there is no general public interest whatsoever in the disclosure of the material that I have seen. There is no 'whistle-blowing' about the exercise; although it is disappointing to read that Cameron, Hague and their cohorts (secretly)see themselves as Children of Thatcher and embarrassing to read about them puckering-up quite so obsequiously to the USA and being ridiculed for it. The exercise is neither in the realm of education or entertainment and the perpetrators should be dealt wih decisively for breaking the laws relating to computer security.

The whole exercise is simply a cynical attempt to express vindictiveness and find notoriety (and, presumably, somewhere along the line, a deal of hard cash). I would not be at all surprised if those Dark Forces, which the Queen mentioned to Butler Burrell, eventually showed some interest in the matter and more 'penknife suicides' turned up in the woods. There could then be more cover-up (so-called)Public Inquiries, chaired by chaps happy to pucker-up to the governments of the day.

I shall have to go and see what Jeff Archer makes of it all on his blog...


  1. Politicians are not believed because everybody knows the world over that they speak with two faces; one lying face for the public and another in private; how Goverment officials conduct themselves and communicate between themselves about international affairs of serious note is very much in the public interest. The public sees the animal in all its gory detail

  2. NJS,

    I don't believe are politics are in synch, but our views on this issue could not be more aligned. In reality, I think you have done a much better job of expressing proper disdain for the individual and his deeds. Thanks. It all brinsg to mind the book the Unbearable Lightness of Being in which Kundera points out how the resistance was brought to a screeching hault by exposing the leaders pettiness to each other. Certainly Asagne is not a fan of world peace.

  3. Anon - Surely, politicians and government officials should be judged by their results? Of course, they are all flawed human beings. We all are. Civilization and (specifically), diplomacy, are about making up for that fact. It seems to me that Mr Wikileaks is a dangerous and ignorant trouble-maker. On the plus side, I imagine that he will now be mercilessly hounded by the the possessors of the baser human instincts which loves to expose in action.