Saturday, 11 December 2010

This Picture Rocks

The paparazzo who took this photograph deserves some kind of medal or reward. It just rocks. On whether they deserve to be as loathed as they seem to be, I express no view because I am pretty much indifferent to them. But I am amazed that they do not realize what many people think of them (and I do not say this as a supporter of the memory of the late, last Princess of Wales, as I am not).


  1. But surely you admire the clothes? Right up your london street surely

  2. I am a citizen of the U.S., I do not admire your royal familly or what they stand for, but I find the picture to be a terrific statement of what is wrong with the world. My right to a civil existence depends upon my willingess to provide one to others. I hate the picture and where we are going. There is no beauty to be found in a mob, ever.

  3. Gerard: I am not sure that being a citizen of the US precludes you from admiring the royal family as many Americans go gaga over them: remember the little Dook? I am not condoning mob violence. I just like the picture for itself. They should conscript the current generation for two years and square bash some discipline into them and then put 80% of them to trades instead of sending them to so-called universities that seem to cater for those with IQs of 70 or less.