Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Page view counter

I have installed the site's page view counter at the end of the Home page and it shows that, after about five months, there have been nearly 25,000 page views. I know that they have come from nearly all over the world and some regular readers check in to see what is going on. Yesterday, I was seriously thinking of closing the Blog but a few messages demonstrating that some people come in here to have some light relief have dissuaded me from taking that course. So: onward and upward.


  1. You should not close the blog. That would be precisely the wrong message.

  2. Dear Nicholas,

    I am really surprised that this meanwhile quite famous picture caused such an outrage. Please continue to blog and try not to care about rest.
    I and I am sure many others enjoy your blog.

  3. No, don't close it! Re page counters, I'm not sure how accurate they are. Posterous said my blog had received over 5,000 hits but Google Analytics said it was less than half that. Not to detract from the popularity of your blog though ;-)

  4. Nicholas,

    Having read your mention of considering throwing in the towel I felt guilty as a few weeks ago I intended write regarding comments from ‘Anon’ where he/she/it said you got little feedback on the blog, ergo nobody read it.

    It’s a pity that the success of a blog is judged by the number of comments posted. I enjoy visiting & reading, then leaving it at that (I don’t think I’m alone with this attitude). The fact I don’t comment on what you write is down to me not having anything to add which I feel would be of interest to you or others – plus some laziness frankly. Silence is not an indication of dissatisfaction or lack of interest.

    I drop by the Sartorialist blog now & again as the photos can be interesting (even if some of the fashion isn’t). The visitors comments on the blog raise ‘inane’ to a new level. A photo of someone carrying a shapeless bag with gold coloured tat on it prompts endless comments like: ‘love the bag’, “I’m so into bags this year”; “love love love the bag” & so on. Other comments seem to revolve around who can sound the most knowledgeable about some trendy (or not) item of clothing shown in a photo.

    Perhaps ‘Anon’ would consider the above as ‘valuable’ feedback & an indication of the success of a blog – I view it as a sign that the concept of ‘if you can’t say anything useful – then shut-up’ is no longer considered.

    Do press on with your blog as it’s wide ranging & well worth reading, plus I’m sure it reflects your view on the world which adds spice for the visitor. Naturally I don’t agree with everything on it – like how can you run a link to a gunmaker who uses a coil spring in their ejector mechanism? Such differences in opinion are hardly cause for loaded handbags at 10 paces though – unlike on other forums/blogs.

    Don't let us down – keep going.


  5. Thanks for all that. The only reason that I considered stopping was that, as always,one loud objector made me consider that the only thing that I was doing was feeding an utter nutter's hatred. That plainly isn't the case and I am not just doing that so I shall continue.

  6. Nicholas,

    I can only agree with what Russell said (can't add anything useful to his comment :-)). Minus frequenting Sartorialist part. :-)