Monday, 20 December 2010


Across the Board from Doctors to Bankers to Lecturers to Shopkeepers
And Around the Globe

I have learned that there is a serious market for a simple, short, punchy primer called something like 'Better Dressing For Men At Work'. The books that there are and the online 'guidance' lack specificity; everything seems be aimed at a man, of unknown age, with unknown education and qualifications, who does an unknown job, at an unknown level, in some office in London or New York and, for some reason, many people want him to wear brown shoes.

However, nobody is going to want to buy in to a book that covers every other job, level, age and location, as well as his own. Therefore, the primers are going to appear as articles which may be down-loaded from a site (it may be this one or a different one).
The articles will cover:
the whole range of practising professionals, from lawyers to vets and architects and civil engineers, teaching and research academics;
the whole range of bankers, financial dealers, commercial agents, and auctioneers;
the whole range of categories of skilled trades, from tailors and cabinet makers to butchers, chefs, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, goldsmiths;
the whole range of unskilled workers, from shopkeepers to general traders to labourers;
different age groups and the relevance of seniority at work.

And it is not going to delve into history: just down-to-earth, contemporary suggestions, with an eye to appropriate cost, on how to be dressed to the nines, in your particular circumstances, in the office or other workplace, without feeling self-conscious or frightening the horses in the street.

The picture above is included for humour and is not evidence of what is going to be offered!!

But it is not going to start until the New Year. Watch this space. The first offering will be a sample article.

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  1. When do you expect to post this article, it is an interesting premise?